Nitrous MC - Rules


Minor offences are usually slip-ups, or perhaps something done in the heat of the moment.

While these offences cannot be tolerated, they can usually be forgiven.

All first-time minor offenders should be issued a verbal and command warning first.
If offenders refuse to heed the warning and continue with their misdeeds, staff should proceed with the punishments listed below. Exceptions can be made for players who have been around some time and are clearly aware that they're breaking the rules.

|Player Disrespect – Harassment
|| 1 Day Mute | 1 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban
Continual harassment of another player or staff member after a warning will result in a chat restriction, then a complete restriction from Nitrous MC.

| Inappropriate Content - Chat
|| 15 Minute Mute | 1 Day Mute | 1 Day Ban
This includes vulgar or sexual chat messages, as well as messages that reference drug use. Please note that any excessively or severe vulgar or sexual messages can be counted as ‘Inappropriate Content - Display’ and punished accordingly.

| Inappropriate Content - Swearing
|| 15 Minute Mute | 1 Day Mute | 1 Day Ban
Swearing is prohibited in public chats. Whilst the rule is relaxed, we do ask that you always remain respectful towards other members of the community. Directed swearing on these servers is prohibited and will likely be punished as ‘Player Disrespect - Abusive Language’.
Swearing in private chats (I.E. PMs Etc…) is allowed on all servers, as long as the swears are not directed or overly vulgar/sexual.

| Chat Disruption - Spamming
|| 15 Minute Mute | 1 Hour Mute | 1 Day Ban
Spamming is the repetition of words or phrases in a manner which floods the chat. Whilst staff members are informed to use their best judgement regarding this rule, the general rule of thumb is three repetitions within five seconds. Character spam - the succession of letters, numbers or symbols in an unnecessary manner - is included in this offence.

| Chat Disruption – Capital Letters
|| 15 Minute Mute | 1 Hour Mute | 1 Day Ban
There is no need to use an excessive amount of capital letters when typing in chat. This is viewed as a chat disruption and users posting an extreme or unnecessary number of capitalized letters (in a row) in their messages will be punished accordingly.

| Chat Disruption - Impersonation
||1 Day Ban | 3 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban
Impersonation is not permitted on Nitrous MC, even as a joke, as it leads to confusion and problematic situations. This includes, but is not limited to, using the command /nick to imitate another player, staff member or figure of significance.
Similarly named accounts are allowed, unless specifically used to impersonate the other party.

| Chat Disruption – Non-English
|| 15 Minute Mute | 1 Hour Mute | 1 Day Ban
To maintain a chat that can be accurately moderated and understood by all individuals we highly prefer that only English be spoken in public chat areas. While we welcome players who speak different languages, we ask that you keep your conversations in PMs and/or third-party chat programs. (I.E. Skype, Discord etc...)

| Punishment Evasion - Mute
|| Mute Duration Doubled | 1 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban
Users that find themselves muted in-game may not communicate with other players in any way. Due to their short duration, mutes are not eligible for appeal.


Major offences are serious misdeeds that may hurt another player or cause them to feel unsafe. Pretending to commit a major offence, jokingly or not, will result in the same level of punishment as though the offence was actually committed.

No warnings should be issued for the following offences.
Repeated major offences will almost always result in a permanent, unappealable restriction from Nitrous MC.

|Player Disrespect – Discrimination
|| 1 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban | 14 Day Ban
We want to ensure that all players feel welcome on Nitrous MC, regardless of their identities. Therefore, any attempts at discrimination against (including but not limited to) gender, race, sexuality, etc. will not be tolerated. Note that while homophobic slurs fall under this category, using the word "gay" or the like should not be considered homophobia unless used in a derogatory context.

| Player Disrespect – Abusive Language
|| 1 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban | 14 Day Ban
While mild banter is okay (idiot, etc) especially in the heat of combat, purposefully using insults to harm players is not allowed. Severely offensive or hurtful language will be met with a ban without warning, regardless of whether it is jokingly done so or not.

| Staff Disrespect
|| 3 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban | 14 Day Ban
The repeated bashing or hate on the staff team for the purposes of causing resentment or dissent.

| Player Disrespect – IRL Threats

|| Permanent Ban and Possible Blacklisted Ban
Threatening to DDOS, DOX, or harm a player('s family and friends) in real-life can be considered a legal offence. Needless to say, anyone making these threats will be permanently banned from Nitrous MC. IP Grabbing, Info Grabbing, or sending malicious links will result in a Blacklisted Ban. Blacklisted bans are earned at the discretion of the Senior Staff Team.

| Hacked Clients or Blacklisted Modifications

|| 30 Day Ban | Permanent Ban
Using a client or modification which creates an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited. If you have any concerns about a modification that you use, please talk to a member of staff about it and the situation will be dealt with calmly. No punishments will occur if the modification is deemed illegal and is removed by the player.
Note that staff members MUST have evidence in order to ban for this offence.
All players have the right to appeal and request that a Senior Staff Team member review this evidence.

| Abusing Exploits, Glitches, and Bugs
|| 7 Day Ban | 30 Day Ban | Permanent Ban
If you discover a glitch or bug in any game mode on the network, you are required to report it to a Staff member immediately. Users caught exploiting the server will be punished as they are creating an unfair advantage for themselves. This rule also covers the creation of lag machines or any attempt to create server lag/crashes. This offence is punishable regardless if your attempts were successful.

| Command Abuse // Command Spam
|| 1 Day Ban | 3 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban
This rule covers the spam or misuse of any command, especially those that flood chat(s).
Please note that abusing rank permissions such as /nick to give yourself an offensive name in chat is subject to regular chat moderation.

| TP Killing
|| 1 Day Ban | 3 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban
A player is participating in TP killing when they purposely trap another user in a way that prevents them from escaping before being killed. This action is not tolerated but requires video evidence to be handled. Please submit a detailed player report if you have experienced this.

| Suicidal Encouragement
|| 3 Day Ban | 14 Day Ban | 30 Day Ban
Encouraging someone to commit suicide or otherwise harm themselves, their family, or their friends is inexcusable - whether or not it is done jokingly/among friends. Acronyms or phrases that can be inferred as such encouragement (including but not limited to "kys", etc) will be treated as such.

| Distributing Alternate Accounts
|| 1 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban | 14 Day Ban
Any form of selling, trading, or distributing alternate accounts on any of our platforms is strictly prohibited. This includes any attempts to sell accounts as well, and the term alternate covers all accounts.

| Inappropriate Content - Display
|| 1 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban | 14 Day Ban
This includes the building of explicitly sexual structures and depictions that may reference drug use. Inappropriate skins that feature nudity or excessive gore also count under this clause. Excessively disturbing or controversial content is covered here.

| Inappropriate Content - Usernames
|| Mute Until Changed
Changing your username is a decision you make and should you decide to make it something inappropriate. We cater towards an all-ages community and polluting the chat with vulgar or racist usernames is strictly forbidden. You will be unmuted when your username is changed.

| Advertising – Server Advertisement
|| 7 Day Ban | 30 Day Ban | Permanent Ban
This relates to the linking or sharing of another server's IP address in any chat/any form in-game, with or without intention to draw players away from Nitrous MC to another. Trying to entice players to join another server, even without mentioning IPs, will be treated as Server Advertisement.
While mentioning other server names occasionally is not punishable, it is ill-advised to continually discuss other servers on our network, and will be punished as IP advertisement.

| Griefing
|| 3 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban | Permanent Ban
Deliberately destroying another community member’s creations is strictly prohibited. Those caught griefing will be punished. We also classify stealing another's belongings in this category.

| Scamming - IRL Trades
|| Permanent Ban
Any form of scamming involving a loss of real-life currency will be handled with a permanent ban. If you fall victim to this, please contact a Staff member with your gathered evidence immediately.
Note that staff members CANNOT scam or betray players in trades.
This is to prevent staff members from using their trusted position to take advantage of the players.

| Scamming
|| 3 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban | 14 Day Ban
Scamming of in-game items on all servers is prohibited. Conclusive video evidence is required for your items to be returned to you. This is to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and that players are not lying to obtain free items.

| Community Disruption
|| Permanent Ban and Possible Blacklisted Ban
Attempts at throwing "shade", causing a community disturbance/disruption, protests, etc. Blacklisted bans are a complete removal from the network and any platform associated with it. Blacklisted bans are earned at the discretion of the Senior Staff Team.

| Punishment Evasion - Ban
|| IP Ban
If you have been banned in-game you are not allowed to use another account to come back online. Doing so will result in an IP Ban.

| Refusal to Screenshare
|| 30 Day Ban | Permanent Ban
If a staff member believes you are using a hacked client or blacklisted modification, you will be frozen in-game and asked to screenshare to prove that you are not. If you refuse to screenshare, you will be punished accordingly. If you leave whilst frozen, you will incur the standard 30 Day Ban (this may be upped to a permanent ban if you have left whilst frozen before).

| Copying Server
|| Permanent Ban and Possible Blacklisted Ban
If you are found to have copied anything from Nitrous MC for another Minecraft Server, whether it is anything from the plugins used on Nitrous MC to the chat format, you will be permanently banned from the server. If you wish to defend yourself, you will have to provide evidence to back up anything you say. Depending on the severity of the issue, you could receive a blacklisted ban. Blacklisted bans are a complete removal from the network and any platform associated with it. Blacklisted bans are earned at the discretion of the Senior Staff Team.

Abide by these rules and you will have nothing to worry about and, together, we will be able to build a friendly community!