January 9, 2018

Well hello, everyone!

My name is Brad and I am the proud owner of Nitrous MC!

Nitrous MC is a new and fun Skyblock server with a custom shop, fun events and custom commands. The server has been fully customised to make it clean, sleek and modern. No more funny characters in players' names, no more bold and underlined names in the chat and no more in-your-face chat colours. It has been designed with "perfect" in mind.

The server's IP address is mc.nitrous.it

With Nitrous MC being a new server, staff applications have been opened. Click here to go to the "Staff Applications" forum where you can copy the application, create a new thread and fill out the application form. It is recommended that you have a good understanding of the Rules and know clearly what offences come under each rule.

Join the server's Discord server!

Don't be a stranger!